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Shachi K. Phene is a dance artist, educator, and arts curator currently based in New York City. She is the director of Noor Dance Academy and co-founder of Aangan: South Asian Center for Art & Thought
Shachi Phene, New York City
Trained in bharatanatyam and kathak, Shachi has presented work at notable venues including the United Nations, Ellis Island, Rubin Museum, Dixon Place, Little Island Percussive Music & Dance Festival, Emerging Artists Theatre's New Work Series, Collective Thread, KoDaFe, and more. As a performer and choreographer, she deeply enjoys exploring traditional narratives through a modern personal lens, and incorporating expressive rhythm-play in her work. A passionate educator, Shachi has 15 years of experience teaching dance to students of all backgrounds, and currently teaches bharatanatyam and kathak through her dance school, Noor Dance Academy, as well as at Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts (BAFA)

In April 2022, Shachi and her collaborator, Barkha Patel, launched Aangan: South Asian Center for Art & Thought. The organization's mission is to serve South Asian art, artists, and aesthetes in the US by fostering community, building platforms and gathering resources, and creating forums for critical consideration of art. 

In her spare time, Shachi enjoys discussing novels with her friends, traveling (especially to the ocean or mountains), hosting dinner parties, and noodling around on the piano. 
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